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softwares for videos

Postby Jalike » 13 July 2015, 10:42

hi everybody

I would like to know the differents stages and softwares you use to record, to mount, to insert specials effects ...

i know "fraps" but don't know all the post-processing to obtain a video.

is it possible to use video-record included in L2 ?

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Re: softwares for videos

Postby Padjil » 13 July 2015, 10:51

I think fraps provides better quality for recording, but it's much heavier as well. For basic video making/rendering, I use Sony vegas pro(video making ) and mediacoder (compressing).

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Re: softwares for videos

Postby Naucha » 13 July 2015, 11:07

If you got a recent GeForce GPU, you may use NVIDIA Geforce Experience to record what's on your screen. I heard the Razer Game Booster does exactly the same (recording what happens on the screen without decreasing your framerate or creating huge files) even with AMD GPUs, but I never tried it.

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Re: softwares for videos

Postby grioersh » 13 July 2015, 11:34

Hi Jalike .Don't record and mount video , you had to download OBS and stream on twitch to show the whole world your legendary skill ,it doesn't need any special effect !
Obs can also be used to record ,it's free ,easy to use/optimize and the video recorded aren't to heavy.

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Re: softwares for videos

Postby PetrusMaggot » 13 July 2015, 18:46

I prefer to use to record the videos Dxtory program (cracked), it requires less PC that Fraps and have more interesting options as a separate record the audio track from your microphone.
To edit I recommend Sony Vegas Pro is not very difficult to use, you can easily find download cracked.

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