Some sieges & daily pvp

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Re: Some sieges & daily pvp

Postby Seivlas » 22 March 2016, 14:49

That's maybe why it was used before goddess, when you had less than 238438 skills to put in 48 shortcuts.

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Re: Some sieges & daily pvp

Postby Lomyr » 22 March 2016, 19:12

Concerning the HP bars, I chose to put the party members one just on the right of the skills bar (the same location as yours), and my HP bar is just above the party members bars. It is the best solution I found in order that these bar are not too far from the middle of the screen, but not right in the middle :!: Drawback: it cuts the displayed messages which appears in the middle of the screen (as the color chosen by Istina... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: )

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