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Parnasssus Daily

Postby Padjil » 01 May 2016, 02:51

Hey guys,

Some 3 sided pvp from monday, and a bonus footage of me playing on Henerik. As I am learning to play the archer, advices from our expert are welcome :D The 2 big fights were lost but I liked them so I put them in the video anyway.

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Re: Parnasssus Daily

Postby Henerik » 01 May 2016, 11:26

Nice video gg ! PvP are more and more interesting for our clan, it's a good new between all the "server is dead, server is dead".

About the archer part, when you use Talisman + Skill, do it in the same time as the BR or cast a quick fire, your quick fire was up but you didn't used it.

You used your UE in the wind, you were full HP/CP with no danger ( as i can see with this video ), your UE is your only defense, try to keep it for the best moment, not waste it when you can easily stay alive without.

Check your skill bar n°9 'cause i don't see the AoE skill "Heavy Arrow Rain". Other thing, i have 2 maccro target, put them on the skills bar ( you have only 1 maccro ).

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